Local Links:

Adams County Health Department:  www.co.adams.il.us/health

Advocacy Network for Children:  www.advonet.org

Care Net Pregnancy Center:  www.carenetquincy.com

Catholic Charities https://cc.dio.org/locations/quincy/


Cheerful Home: www.cheerfulhome.com

Child and Family Connections:  www.wc4.org

Cornerstone:  www.cornerstone-quincy.org

Family Planning:  www.familyplanningquincy.com

Juvenile Crime Prevention:


QUANADA:  www.quanada.org

Quincy Family YMCA:  www.quincyymca.net

Quincy Park District:  www.quincyparkdistrict.com

Quincy Public Library:  www.quincylibrary.org

Social Emotional Calendar:  https://tlarsen63.wixsite.com/aoksecal

Transitions of Western Illinois:  www.twi.org

Two Rivers Regional Council:  www.trrcopo.org

University of Illinois Extension-- Parenting website www.Parenting247.org

United Way of Adams County http://www.unitedwayadamsco.org/

West Central Child Care Connections:  www.wcccc.com

YWCA of Quincy:  www.ywcaquincy.org


State Links:

All Our Kids State Website:  www.aoknetworks.org

Autism Society of Illinois:  www.autismillinois.org

Department of Child and Family Services:  www.state.il.us/dcfs

Division of Specialized Care for Children:  https://dscc.uic.edu/

Illinois Child Support Enforcement: www.ilchildsupport.com

Illinois Department of Human Services:  www.dhs.state.il.us

Illinois Department of Public Aid:  www.hfs.illinois.gov

Illinois Department of Public Health:  www.idph.state.il.us

Illinois State Board of Education:  https://www.isbe.net/

Prevent Child Abuse:  www.preventchildabuseillinois.org

Strengthening Families of Illinois www.strengtheningfamiliesillinois.org

National Links

American Academy of Pediatrics:  www.aap.org

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America:  www.aafa.org

American Red Cross Health and Safety:  www.redcross.org/services

Autism Speaks:  www.autismspeaks.org

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:  www.cdc.gov

Child and Family Web Guide:  ase.tufts.edu/cfw/

Consumer Product Safety Commission:  www.cpsc.gov

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):  www.epa.gov/airnow

Family Watchdog:  www.familywatchdog.us

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren:  www.grandparents.com

Healthy Childcare:  www.healthychild.net

Kids Health:  www.kidshealth.org

My Food Pyramid:  www.foodpyramid.com/mypyramid/

National Fatherhood Initiative:  www.fatherhood.org

Safe Kids Worldwide:  www.safekids.org

U.S. Food and Drug Administration:  www.hhs.gov

WIC Website:  www.wichealth.org

World Cafe:  www.theworldcafe.org

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