Developmental Milestones

New parents frequently ask questions about their infant and toddler's development. To give parents peace of mind, the following is a list of the activities most children reach by the specified age. It needs to be stressed that each child is different and might be able to do some but not all the behaviors listed in an age group. The milestones listed below are only guidelines for your assessment. Parents should talk to the doctor if they have concerns about their child's development.  

For free developmental screenings call:  Child and Family Connections at 217-222-9592 or 1-888-9592

Please visit the following links for more information about developmental screenings:

2 months
When lying on back, can move arms and legs equally well
Smiles and coos
Respond to parent's voice
Should be able to lift head off floor well when on stomach

4 months
Plays with hands and feet
Turns head towards sounds
Holds head steady when in an upright sitting position
Laughs and squeals  

6 months                                                                                                                           Bears weight on legs                                                                                                      Rolling over from front to back and back to front                                                                   Moves object/toy from one hand to the other                                                                Responds to their name by turning their head                                                               Beginning to babble and jabber

9 months
Starts to use pincer grasp
Sits well without support
Crawls on hands and knees
Jabbers and says mama/dada

12 months
Says 1-3 words other than mama/dada
Pulls up to standing position and can walk around furniture
Stands alone
Walking with supports

15 months
Finger feeds self                                                                                                              Holds a cup without help and drink without spilling
Walks alone without falling
Uses 6-10  words                                                                                                              Points to several body parts                                                                                       

18 months                                                                                                                      Runs well                                                                                                                         Throws & kicks ball forward                                                                                               Says 10 or more words

Stack tower of cubes 3-6 high                                                                                               Helps undress self

24 months
Says at least 20 words and talks in short sentences
Helps dress self
Stack tower of cubes 5-6 high
Turns pages of a book

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