YOUR RIGHTS AS A VICTIM of a Violent Crime under the Illinois Bill of Rights for Victims and Witnesses include the following:

1. To receive notice of any sentencing hearing and notice of right to make a statement at the time of the sentencing hearing about the impact of the crime on you. Sworn testimony is subject to cross-examination by the defendant and becomes a part of the court record.

2. To be informed (upon specific request) of the status of the criminal investigation unless the information interferes with the investigation.

3. To be informed about the beginning of prosecution of the case.

4. To be notified (upon specific request) of the release of the defendant on bail or personal recognizance.

5. To be notified of all Court proceedings requiring your presence and cancellation of scheduled Court proceedings.

6. To have explained (upon specific request), if needed, any plea or verdict.

7. To be notified in advance (if possible) of hearings where the defendant will plead guilty.

8. To be notified (upon specific request) of the final disposition of the case.

9. To be notified (upon specific request) by the Prisoner Review Board of the prisoner's final discharge from state custody and by the Sheriff of final discharge from county custody, also, of release of the prisoner on furlough.

10. To be notified (upon specific request) by the State's Attorney' s Office of the dates of release of a prisoner sentenced to periodic imprisonment.

11. To be informed of social services and financial assistance available.

12. To have stolen or other personal property held for evidence returned as soon as possible.

13. To have employers contacted to help assure their cooperation with you in your Court appearance.

14. To have a safe waiting area while waiting to testify.

15. To be provided, where necessary, with the services of a translator.

16. To be notified by the Prisoner Review Board of the escape of a prisoner, parole hearings, or parole of a prisoner.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF VICTIMS according to the new law are:

1. To report violent crimes immediately.

2. To cooperate with law enforcement authorities throughout the investigation, prosecution, and trial.

3. To testify at the trial.

4. To notify law enforcement authorities of any change of address.
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