Merit Commission


The Adams County Sheriffs Department Merit Commission was established February 10, 1970 by resolution of the Adams County Board of Supervisors.  Initial Commissioners, all members of the County Board of Supervisors, were appointed by Sheriff John Fichter, and approved at the February 10, 1970 board meeting.  The Commission was composed of Tom Awerkamp, Chairman, Kenneth Waters, Vice Chairman, and William Fingerlin, Secretary.


In November of 1972, an Attorney General of Illinois opinion stated that no member of the County Board may serve as a member of the Merit Commission, resulting in a change of Commission members. New members appointed to the Commission included Paul Wade, Vice Chairman, Glenn Utter, Secretary, and Tom Awerkamp, Chairman. Awerkamp was no longer on the County Board and continued in his position.  


In 1986, the Merit Commission was increased to a five member commission from the three member Commission.


The Merit Commission shall have the duties, pursuant to recognized merit principles of public employment, of certification for employment and promotion, and upon complaint of the sheriff or states attorney as limited in this Division, to discipline or discharge as the circumstances may warrant.  All full time deputy sheriffs shall be under the jurisdiction of this Act and the county board may provide that other positions, including jail officers, as defined in "An Act to revise the law in relation to jails and jailers", approved March 3, 1874, as now or hereafter amended (repealed), shall be under  the jurisdiction of the Commission.  There may be exempted from coverage by resolution of the county board a "chief deputy" or "chief deputies" who shall be vested with all authorities granted to deputy sheriffs pursuant to Section 3-6015.  "Chief Deputy" or "Chief Deputies" as used in this Section include the personal assistant or assistants of the sheriff whether titled "chief deputy", "under sheriff", or "administrative assistant".    



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