Vision & Mission Statement



Protecting Our Communities by Changing Lives



The Adams County Probation Department utilizes effective and evidence based practices in our supervision strategies to address our probationers' criminogenic needs and empower them to become productive, law-abiding citizens. In doing so we strive for excellence in community corrections, increased public safety and improved quality of life in the communities we serve.



P. R. O. T. E. C. T. our Communities


Protect: We value protection of the public and believe proper community supervision is

   an effective method of making our communities safer.


Respect: We believe individuals are valuable and are to be treated with dignity and



Opportunities: We believe individuals are capable of change and we value providing

    opportunities for offender rehabilitation, improved public safety and victim



Teamwork: We value a work environment based upon teamwork and a family spirit

   where team members are empowered to maximize their potential. We believe

   our team members are our most valuable resource.


Ethics: We value impartiality, accountability, diversity, professionalism and a strong

   work ethic. We respect the authority of the Court and recognize that we are an

   extension of the Court.


Commitment: We believe individual commitment to a shared vision as the best way to

   achieve our mission.


Trust: We value the trust placed in us by the citizens of Adams County and strive

   to serve them with integrity through the use of the best practices in our



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