The Juvenile Detention Center provides detention services and behavioral programming for troubled youth from ages ten through seventeen. This is a secure custody facility with a maximum rated capacity of 30.

Only minors who have allegedly committed a delinquent offense may be detained. Detention must be authorized by a Probation Officer who considers the nature of the offense, the background of the minor and family, and other placement alternatives. To be detained, a juvenile must be: a danger to the community or themselves; likely to flee the jurisdiction of the court; or have been taken into custody under a warrant.

While in secure detention, juveniles participate in on site education, physical exercise, group discussions and a behavior program. Community social service resources are utilized in addition to the Juvenile Detention Center staff providing direction for the youth and his/her family.

The Juvenile Detention Center has a staff of 30 (22 detention officer and administrative positions, 3 support staff and 5 part-time para-professionals).

Out-of-county juveniles may be placed at the Juvenile Detention Center when space allows.



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