Adams County Health Department Resource Directory - A listing of faith-based and social service groups and agencies in Adams County that can assist families with basic needs including but not limited to clothing,  food, education, healthcare, housing, transportatation, utility assistance and a variety of counseling and developmental services.


Alliance for Building Communities - A community partnership of individuals and groups working to improve the quality of life for all residents of Adams County. This active partnership looks at our county’s challenges and works to find solutions.


AOK - The All Our Kids: Early Childhood Networks are a community-based collaboration that is committed to developing a high-quality, well-coordinated, easily accessible system of care that promotes positive growth and development for children ages 0-5 and their families.  The overall goal of the All Our Kids: Birth to Five Network is to maximize existing resources to ensure that all children under the age of five years and their families have the opportunity to receive the services they need.


Break The Habit: Ready to Quit Smoking - The Adams County Health Department can help by providing the first four weeks of nicotine replacement patches to you.


Family Case Management - The health and well-being of you and your baby is important! Family Case Management can help women who are pregnant and families with an infant up to one year of age by promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles. This service is provided for families that are below the 185% poverty level or for pregnant women or infants with special medical conditions. A public health nurse will meet with clients in their home, assess health and social needs of the individual or family and assist them in reaching the goal of a healthy pregnancy and child.


Newborn Home Visits - A free service provided to the parents of each newborn that resides in Adams County. A Public Health Nurse will contact the family to offer a home visit when an infant is approximately 2 to 4 weeks old. The nurse will provide information to the parent on important health and safety issues including but not limited to infant feeding, the immunization schedule, safe sleep practices, car seat safety and the importance of keeping well-baby and postpartum appointments with their physician.


School Health -The Coordinated School Health grant was developed to help schools develop infrastructure to plan and implement a coordinated school health program which focuses on the needs of the student population.  In an attempt to improve the health and educational status of children, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention  has developed a school health program model which consists of outlines eight components: 1) health education, 2) health services, 3) healthy school environment 4) counseling, psychological and social services, 5) family/community involvement 6) nutrition services, 7) physical education 8) health promotion for staff.  Development of the eight school health program components allows schools to provide a comprehensive approach for improved health and education of students and staff. For more information email Alaina Tippey at

Substance Abuse Coalition  Facebook  The Adams County Substance Abuse Coalition is a group of concerned citizens, businesses and community groups working together to address issues relating to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Adams County. The primary function of the Coalition is to identify issues and perceptions in Adams County relating to the underage use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in out community and to bring about community awareness of these issues in order to promote prevention.


WIC - The Women, Infant and Children program provides food and nutrition education to income eligible pregnant women, nursing women, infants and children up to age 5.

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